"Marianne has a gift. And she gives it away each time she gives a massage. Her ability to tune in to her clients is one of the reasons she is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. The minute you enter her space, you are transformed by her deep respect for you, her client, and her ability to determine what you may need on any given day. I leave a session with Marianne feeling healed, relaxed, transformed. She generously brings empathy, connection and honesty to each massage, allowing her clients to release whatever it is they are holding.

Hers is unlike any massage I have ever received. It’s an experience that will stay with you for a long time."    Irene H.


"Marianne was my greatest from of pain relief after breaking bones in my back and collarbone last year. Her massages and kindness are better than drugs, better than yoga and stretching, even better than chocolate cake."  Laura W.


“Marianne takes the time to listen to her clients, both verbally and on the table. She takes the time to talk with you about what is stressful in your life and then focuses on what is being manifested in your body. As she works, she has a great ability to understand the reactions and responses of your body and then uses massage accordingly. She's thoughtful, intentional and devoted to her work. I continue to be impressed by all that she does.”    Loretta F.  


"Muscle stiffness is a given with Parkinson's Disease. I've had occasional massages over the course of my 87 years. I enjoyed them but never thought of signing up for them on a regular basis. After my first massage with Marianne, I told her to schedule me for a weekly massage. Her massages help with the stiffness,. but what I really like is that I spend most of the hour in a serene zone halfway between sleeping and waking so I end the hour greatly relaxed physically and emotionally."   John S.


"Marianne’s style of massage helps me to de-stress. She is especially helpful with gently nudging the stress I hold in my shoulder and neck area. She has a great ability to effect a change in areas that are bound up without having to “take it by storm”. I am pleasantly surprised by how much things have shifted in me after such a relaxing and peaceful massage."   Jim D., Massage Therapist


"I will be 70 years old soon and have been getting massages since my mid 20’s. Marianne is one of the few Massage Therapists that have provided what I can only describe as spiritual massage experiences along with the skill and art. Her hands absorb some kind of signal from your body and she flows into an incredibly healing massage. I feel a sense of peace just thinking about a Marianne massage. I am so very grateful for being able to be her client.”   Carol H.


“I am a 66-year-old adventure athlete. I rock climb, I hike, I back-country ski, I mountain bike, I am a mountaineer. I am serious about what I do. I have experienced considerable wear and tear over the course of time. Marianne has kept me in the game.”  Eliot B.


“It is because of who Marianne is and because of her spiritual practices that she is able to provide the extensive services of healing and deep engagement with a oneness that is beyond commentary. She is a very gifted professional Massage Therapist.”  Ann C.


“I have known Marianne for over a decade on many levels: a friend, spiritual companion, witness, incredible Massage Therapist. She brings a depth and knowing to whatever she does. I have felt her healing touch on my broken body in a massage. I have watched her officiate a dear friend’s memorial service where she took us on a beautiful journey of his life. When I think of my life’s gifts, I count her as one.”  Karlene G.


“I have known Marianne over 25 years and I've benefited from her healing touch and presence. She heals spiritually as well as physically. Her work invites me to my own inner healer."  Marylee S.





Hers is unlike any massage I have ever received. It’s an experience that will stay with you for a long time.
— Irene H.