I love what I do.

I find inspiration and joy in my work every day. With a quiet, steady focus, I draw on my experience and intuition. I pay attention, I listen and I learn.

After graduating from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York City in 1992, I worked as a Massage Therapist in hospitals, health clubs and eventually transitioned to working on my own and building a solid and diverse practice.  While living and working in New York, I continued to enrich my training with continuing education and exposure to a wide range of clients and conditions.

In 2002, I moved to Colorado and lived in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains where I established a vibrant practice in beautiful surroundings. The reverence for the natural world that I developed at this time continues to inform my work today.

Following a desire to return to the East Coast, I relocated to the Washington, DC area in 2014 and found my way to the Palisades neighborhood of DC. I love living in Washington, adjacent to the remarkable beauty of the Potomac River Basin.

I am compelled by the relationship between spirituality, healing and massage therapy. In order to deepen my scope of practice, I have completed extensive Clinical Training and a Master’s Degree in order to work in Hospitals and Hospices providing Spiritual Care.  Nearly a decade of  experience in this capacity has helped me to understand the impact pain and suffering have on the body and spirit. It has also revealed the grace and clarity that often emerge during difficult times.

I currently practice Massage Therapy in DC and Northern Virginia.

I am also contracted though Sibley Memorial Hospital to facilitate support groups and classes that address issues around Caregiving, End of Life and Dementia.

I partner with Elements DC, a small local company dedicated to getting you outside, active, and grounded so you feel happier, healthier, and more connected to your community.



Licensed to Practice Massage Therapy in DC and Virginia. Also have also held licenses in New York, Colorado and Washington State.

Nationally Board Certified in Massage Therapy

Member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals